Noodlies is about uncovering authentic, diverse food and culture all around Sydney.  I’ve had so many requests to do a tour of Cabramatta which has resulted in this Cabramatta Food Tour with noodlies in conjunction with North Sydney Community Centre.


Of course the Cabramatta Food Tour is about sampling authentic Vietnamese food, but it’s also about giving you a unique insight into Vietnamese culture; you’ll get to meet monks, speak to the owner of one of Sydney’s leading Pho restaurants and go behind the scenes to uncover the real Cabramatta.

Cabramatta House Temple

We’ll meet at a house temple where you’ll meet the Abbot and learn how to roll a vegetarian Vietnamese roll and of course eat some.


Then take a short stroll into the town centre where you’ll see a vibrant Cabramatta mall, bustling food courts, visit Asian shops crammed with gorgeous wares.

Eating Pho noodles

You’ll meet the owner of one of Cabramatta’s top pho noodle restaurants where we’ll have lunch.  You’ll hear from him how to enjoy a pipping hot bowl of pho.

More Shopping

You can never have enough shopping in Cabramatta.


And we’ll finish with Vietnamese coffee and dessert.

This is a unique walking adventure, a food journey and cultural experience to remember.

The Cabramatta Food Tour is lead by Thang Ngo publisher of one of Sydney’s top food blogs and Walter Mason, author of Destination Saigon, “one of the most outstanding travelogues of the year” Traveller, Sydney Morning Herald, Dec 2010.

Thang and Walter live in Cabramatta, embedded in Sydney’s culturally diverse south-west.

Cabramatta Food Tour
with North Sydney Community Centre
Saturday, 21st May 2011, 10am – 2pm
$70pp including lunch

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The Cabramatta Food Tour is limited to 12 people.