malaysia kitchen Australia

Malaysia Kitchen is about promoting Malaysian food around the world: London, New York, Canada, New Zealand and now Sydney, Australia.  The concept is simple, hawker style food served up by the best local Malaysian restaurants.

In Sydney, this Malaysian government initiative comes alive as a pop up experience in a laneway next to the State Theatre.  The outdoor laneway, long communal table and open kitchen reference hawker style eating, but this is a much slicker, hipper experience complete with brightly coloured lanterns and cool beats.  The local Malaysian restaurants tonight are Chinta Ria, Jimmy’s Recipe, Jackie M and Mamak and the entry fee is just $10. They must be doing something right because the queue is incredibly long, you have to see the video below to get a perspective on the demand.

We were lucky, thanks to the sweet people at pulse communications to skip the line to our reserved seats (noodlies readers know I hate queues).  The food was then delivered in quick succession, fast but we never felt rushed.

mamak roti

First up was roti and chicken skewers from Mamak. It’s hard to describe the fluffy, tasty texture of the roti, which went so well with the chicken and sambal sauce.

chinta ria fish curry

Next, fish curry from Chinta Ria, an old favourite, but one which I’ve not been to for a while.  The curry made a very effective argument for me to return to Chinta Ria.  The fish had held together tightly but broke up easily and nicely upon contact.  There’s something magical about that bright red curry sauce, not overpowering but incredibly tasty.

nasi lemak

Nasi lemak from Jackie M said everything, and includes everything: rice, sambal, dried anchovies, eggs, peanut.  Some call it the Malaysian national dish that can be had anytime.  This version looked and tasted authentic, a smorgasbord of complex and simple flavours.

chicken laksa jimmy's recipe

I’m very, very partial to a bowl of laksa at Jimmy’s Recipe.  Many have hailed it as the best laksa in town and I’m not disagreeing.  Rich with coconut cream but also lightly tart from lemongrass, with a very generous serving of noodles and chicken.

malaysia kitchen australia

This noodlies Sydney food blog experience was thanks to Malaysia Kitchen Australia and Pulse Communications.

Malaysia Kitchen Australia
State Theatre Laneway
via George Street, opposite QVB, or follow the queue
Ends with lunch and dinner on Friday 18th