Go to Korean BBQ if you love your meat and have no intimate plans for the evening.  The meat comes out pre-marinated, whether it’s beef, ribs, chicken  or a variety of other meats.  Often they come out in long strips and need to be rolled out and cut with the tongs and scissors provided.

You expect unlimited kim chi at most places, however, the choices are limited, Bassim is particularly generous with variety, tonight we got cabbage, onion, shredded radish, shallots, plus a side dish of lettuce, cucumber, carrots and garlic.  It’s the liberal use of delicious garlic in Korean dishes that renders you instantly unpopular on the dance floor (you’ve been warned).

And the telescopic metal tube that lurkes over your table like something out of Dr Who does an amazingly effective job of removing the smoke and bbq smells.  While it gives the entire restaurant an industrial look, this thing does an amazingly effective job.

The other thing that really impresses noodlies at Bassim is their staff.  Firstly, they weren’t understaffed.  We’re immediately and enthusiastically greeted at the door and shown to our table.  The kim chi comes out instantly as does the coal for our bbq.  And your order is taken promptly.  They’re discreet, but very efficient, our kim chi was re-filled promptly.

We ordered beef and chicken for our bbq.  The beef was marinated in a sweet soy sauce that flavoured the meat but didn’t drown out the beef taste.  While the chicken was marinated bright orange, with marinade on the sweeter side.  Cooked properly (you’re the chef) and the beef is tender and juicy, the chicken tends to be a little drier on the outside but soft and cooked iniside.

Our den jang soup is probably the best I’ve had for a long time.  The main flavour is driven from fermented bean paste, the soup is salty and smoky, with good consistency.  It’s milder in taste and spice than it sounds but the den jang still packs plenty of flavour.

Have you had den jang before? How would you describe the taste?

It’s hard to fault this place, great food, fast efficient service, young and enthusiastic staff and enough tables to save us from queueing at 6pm on a Friday evening.  Oh, and the price is relatively reasonable, too.

Noodlies Sydney food blog was very, very impressed

Bassim Korean Restaurant
Shop 252, 20-34 Albert Rd, Strathfield
(entrance cnr Raw Square and Churchill Ave)
(02) 8756 5689

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