24 hour pork rolls

Vietnamese pork roll (banh mi thit): school kids munch on them, footballers are spotted grabbing one for a snack, old people chew slowly and carefully (the crisp bread rolls don’t mix easily with dentures).  Even food bloggers love them, Marrickville, Mascot, you can get them just about anywhere in Sydney.

Are they the ultimate in fusion? French influence in crispy, crunchy bread, pate, mayo combined with Vietnamese ingredients, meat, chilli and fish sauce or maggi.


Last night, I bought two pork rolls in Cabramatta at Viet Hoa hot bread shop for dinner.  I reckon they sell one of the best pork rolls in Sydney.  I love Viet Hoa because they’re open late, I’ve driven past at midnight and they’re still serving customers.  And it seems like the same old lady is there 24 hours, which means the rolls are made consistently good!

Watch the noodlies, sydney food blog featured video above to see my banh mi thit being made. Fresh bread, pate, mayo, three types of meat, vegetables and chill and sauce.

I remember when they were $1.50 (many, many years ago)… last night they were $4… it’s still pretty good value, what sort of sandwich would you get for $4 these days.  Pork rolls use fresh bread, 10 different ingredients and made to order, can’t argue with that!

noodlies Sydney food blogs loves a good banh mi thit!
Viet Hoa Hot Bread
John Street (Hill street end)