tong tai seafood restaurant hong kong

In the midst of the Temple Street market in Jordan is this outdoor seafood restaurant that is popular with the tourists.

The seafood is layed out for you to chose, it comes out quickly and tastes as fresh as you can get.

rabbit fish

I saw rabbit fish on the menu and had to have it given rabbit is the animal for the coming lunar new year.  The fish was steamed in soya and soya sauce.  The flesh was clean, white, subtle taste ready for the soy to add flavour.

water spinach

Water spinach was cooked in garlic, with a touch of fermented tofu, not over powering the vegetable, but just enough to balance with the crunchy water spinach stalks, most of the flavour was found in the leaves which absorbed most of the tofu flavouring.

It was all washed down beautifully with a large bottle of Tsingtao local beer.  Beers in Asia are weaker than Australia and works well as a thirst quencher in the tropical heat.  This Sydney food blog was very satisfied.

The meal came to HK$138, around A$22.

Tong Tai Seafood Restaurant
184 Temple St, Jordan
Hong Kong