Metal poles hold up a makeshift corrugated roof with gaps covered by tarpaulin, welcome to the Temporary Hawker Stall of Woosung St, Kowloon.

Brave the safety hazard and you’ll find good, honest street food.  I ordered the bbq pork and duck, both were great quality, the duck had much less ‘gamey’ taste than I was expecting, nice dark colouring too.  The meat comes with two sauces, a thick sweet sauce and runny lemon.

The veg was stir-fried perfectly, well cooked but still had great body, much more leaf than stalk, nice light oyster sauce.

What intrigued me the most was the lady in red that paces the shed. She’s the San Miguel girl, put there by the company to boost the sale of their beer. Quite common in many Asian countries, they tend to be pretty looking girls with bright, outgoing personality.  This one had the personality.

This lady in red is particularly good at spotting when your glass is half empty and filling it right up, when the bottle is empty she assumes you want another San Miguel.

Of course, men drinking beer and a girl in a short skirt has it’s own challenges and while she’s obliging and friendly, she is always on the move in case one of the customers make their own move.  She’s good, very good at keeping on the move as you can see by the video.

When I came into the shed, she was over right away telling me there was a ‘promotion’ with San Miguel, as I settled the bill I realised what the promotion was, I paid $HK25 a bottle when the menu price was $HK20.

As I said, the lady in red is good, very good.

Temporary Hawker Shed
Cnr Woosung and Kansu Sts
Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong