Ok, I promise, I didn’t go to Hong Kong looking for pho, this was a case of pho finding me.  Pho Hanoi is like any other eatery around the Jordan area, small and narrow, blink and you might miss it.  In my search for a laundry this morning I stumbled by this place.  The owner is Nguyen Thi Thao and she’s had the restaurant for two years.

The pho tai (raw beef Vietnamese noodle) was pretty good quality, the soup colouring darker than I’m used to, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, the broth isn’t particularly salty or sweet but but it still packed good flavour.  I’m used to basil and bean sprouts being provided on the side, here it’s already added.  We’re lucky to have great quality beef in Australia, this cut was a little thicker and a tad tougher than I’m used to, but it’s not a fatal flaw.

vietnamese coffee

They had Vietnamese coffee on the menu and I wanted to test it’s authenticity. I was very pleasantly surprised, it came out just like Vietnam, dripping and smelling of Vietnamese coffee, the condensed milk nice and thick at the bottom of the glass.  The rest was up to me to finish, see the video below.

A great way to taste Vietnam in the heart of Hong Kong.  And because all eateries are tiny and easy to miss, this is what it looks like from the street.

pho hanoi hong kong

Pho Hanoi
61 Parkes St, Jordan (off Jordan Road, TST end)
Hong Kong