gumshara ramen

Walk past Gumshara Ramen located in one of Chinatown’s food courts and you’d be forgiven for dismissing it as any other decent but average food court eateries, except this one looked untidy to boot.  The laminated menu photos looked tired and faded.

But everyone has been raving about this place; food bloggers who have much more ramen experience than me wax lyrical about Gumshara Ramen.  Noodlies Sydney food blog had to try it!

The menu was not that extensive which tells me this place really does want to to a limited menu, but do them well.  I ordered the number 1, pork ramen with extra egg on top.  The sign at the counter politely let customers know they can request less salt or less thickness for the soup, just tell the staff…

And it’s true, you can see in the video above, the soup is brown and very thick.  And I can attest its saltiness, although at first taste it didn’t seem so, however, by the end of the meal the saltiness was very evident.

Gumshara proudly boast that the richness comes from using fresh pork bone; the marrow of the bone and soft bone to be exact.  No MSG is added, that in itself was different given the Japanese are big producers of this flavour enhancer – Ajinomoto being one company I can rattle off without even thinking.  That debate we’ll probably have another time.

I thought the $13 odd dollar for the ramen was a tad on the high end for a food court.  But the bowl was large and the servings of pork very generous, the ramen well cooked but not over cooked, overall it’s a class act.  My favourite bit was the wonderful egg – outside well boiled and white, while the yoke a defiant glistening, gluggy orange.

Gumshara Ramen
Eating World Harbour Plaza (near the pagoda)
Shop 209 25-29 Dixon St Haymarket, Sydney

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