It’s easy to take for granted the people you love the most.  I have because they’re so giving and unselfish, I forget to stop, and just tell them “I love you”. 

My father turns 90 this year, a wonderful, kind and gentle man that still worries he’s putting me out by asking me to translate the latest Centrelink letter or to take him to the airport.  And I forget the sacrifice he made when he fled Vietnam without knowing a word of English, just so his son can have a better life.

And my step mum, a truly generous and loving soul that’s looked after my father so wonderfully.  How can I thank her enough?

Then there’s my partner, Walter.  This year marks our 21st anniversary, we’ve been together since he was in his teens.  I can’t even begin to recount how he’s made my life so wonderful and worthwhile.

But that’s the wonderful thing about Chinese or Lunar New Year.  This year, I’ve taken the day off to think about my family and really value the wonderful, unique fortune that they are part of my life.

I thank the universe for all the special people in my life and pray for love and healing in the world.

Happy new year.