noodlies food blog youtube channel

Noodlies Sydney food and travel blog celebrated a couple of milestones this month.  Firstly, I’m glad to say, noodlies now has a Code of Ethics which sets out this blog’s values and code of conduct.

Secondly, noodlies YouTube TV Channel achieved over a quarter of a million views, I reckon that ranks noodlies as Australia’s top video food blog.  A special thanks to you all.  And just exactly what is noodlies and the YouTube channel all about? Watch the featured video at the top of this post to find out.

Some key stats about noodlies TV:

  • 294 uploaded noodlies videos
  • 124 subscribers

What were some of the highlights?

The most popular video… Noodlies guide to eating that spicy Vietnamese noodle soup called bun bo hue, with 38,803 views.  See it below.

Noodlies video on Cambodian street food was pretty popular as well, amassing 26,404 views.

Oh, and noodlies ate at Tim Ho Wan, the world’s cheapest Michelin star restaurant in Hong Kong.

Noodlies had a lot fun a long the way interviewing great personalities like Luke Nguyen.

And got close and personal with Peter Gilmore of Quay Restaurant, Australia’s highest rated restaurant in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Noodlies learnt how to make Chinese hand-made noodles.

Noodlies, Sydney food and travel blog got to see a few Chinese lions and dragons strut their stuff.  These flying lions at Hurstville lunar new year celebrations were incredible.

Speaking of celebrations, there has been so many festivals, big and small.  The one below is a wonderful fundraising lunch at a local Cabramatta temple.

It’s been a truly wonderful month and so, so many wonderful memories.

But enough of looking back, here’s to more milestones in the future 🙂

Sincere thanks everyone.