Convent Road in Silom contains an amazing number of street stalls that sell great food. I had these rice noodles that were extra spicy and extra pungent from prawn paste.  It all came to 35 baht, around A$1.30, delicious and cheap.


bangkok street food

Being in Bangkok means I eat often, seduced by the plentiful street stalls.  Also on Convent Road I had pad kha prow gai (chilli chicken basil) what’s different about this dish is that it has a fried egg on top.  I’ve had it once at a Thai restaurant in Cabramatta that’s now closed, I’ve been looking everywhere for it ever since.  Utterly delicious, such a wonderful surprise, the rice was a lower quality rice, so was harder than I’m used to but actually it works with this dish, but then again, nothing could spoil finding the dish I’ve been aching for.


Those stalls are fixed with tables and chairs, then there’s the mobile street stalls.  They’re great for fresh, tropical fruit like guava, paw paw, pineapple, persimmons and mango.


These mobile stalls also sell a wonderful selection of savoury meats too, even whole grilled fish.


The annoying thing about mobile stalls is that they move around, so you may find your favourite thing and you may never see that stall again.  I had the best bbq liver on skewers last night… haven’t seen that stall since.