Had a great time at the get together which was organised by Helen and Susan (thank you xxx).  It was amazingly successful, I reckon over 60 food bloggers were there.  And where there  were food bloggers, there was good food.

My favourite was this stunning looking Xmas themed chocolate cookies from vxdollface

These Xmas chocolate mud cakes (elves and Santa) from KayB caught my eye too, as did the macaron tower from I Eat Sweet.

I took the cowards option and bought some vegetarian fresh rolls and some Vietnamese fruits including cut pineapple and coc.

PS, Simon, don’t think I didn’t notice you putting the rabbit ears behind me! I will get you back! Actually these pics are courtesy of Simon’s camera, he’s the sweetest most helpful guy, I’m always relying on him for good advice about blogging and what photography tips!