How can you go to a portuguese pastry shop and not have pasteis nata, more commonly known as portuguese custard tart.  Owner and master of the pasteis nata, Fernando Ramos showed us around, we even got to make some.

Apparently the oven has to be super hot to lightly burn the top and the best tarts have seven pastry layers.  When busy, Fernando makes as much as 1,000 tarts each couple of hours.

He also treated us to a whole world of other gorgeous sweet delights which were layed out for us to sample. Cinamon tarts cooked in ceramic round moulds, lemon tarts and an intriguing pastry that’s square with icing sugar on top (above), it’s made with light fluffy pastry and a white pumpkin jam filling.

They were all delicious… writing a Sydney food blog has never been more rewarding.

Gourmet Safari Adventure, 12th October 2010 Itinerary
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Gourmet Safari is run by tv personality and author, Maeve O’Meara.  There are safaris in Sydney, Margaret River, Kangaroo Island as well as overseas including Vietnam Safari and Greek Island Safari.

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