I’ve always thought with the greater number of Chinese moving to the area that we’re over due for more authentic Chinese restaurants. Red Sichuan opened on 8 November and is a new restaurant in the Cabramatta area.  It’s going down the Holy Basil path of offering good service in an upmarket surrounding – at a premium price.  Tonight, it seems to have attracted their target audience of young, hip, second generation Asian-Australians.

You could taste the sichuan spices including the killer pepper on the hot side of the hotpot.  The milder side comes already with mushroom, shallot and spring onion, it’s sweet and flavoursome.

The cucumber side salad was super crunchy which I love, while nice, it didn’t have the full Sichuan flavours I’m used to.

The wonton, beef balls and sliced beef came out a little frozen, you can see the ice on the wonton above.  The vegetables were fresh as was the wonderfullly silky and substantial fresh tofu.

It will be interesting to see how the locals take to an upmarket Sichuan hotpot restaurant.

Red Sichuan
47-49 Canley Vale Rd
Canley Vale NSW 2166
02 9723 9992