I can see why it might be bewildering to go into a small, humble local eating house in Cabramatta like Dong Son.

The clientele are all Asian and most of the menu aren’t in English.  There’s at least three languages on the walls here, Khmer, Chinese and Vietnamese.

If you’re around and wondering where to eat in Cabramatta, you should try one of these places.  And if you like soup and rice noodles, as them for a special hu tieu – rice noodle soup.  You’ll get noodles with a range of meat (be warned some are offal, but I think you should try it as they’re not bad!) and in delicious clear soup.

Add fresh sprouts, lemon, chilli and your favourite condiments – all provided free.

Of and you might find it hard to work out who the waiter is, as there is no official uniform, but it’s not hard to see, they’re the only ones standing up (as per the pic above).  And besides, the minute you walk in the door, they’ll identify themselves and take you to your table.  Enjoy!

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