Pho, Mi and Bun Bo Hue are the more well known Vietnamese noodles, but Bun Mang Vit might be something the general community is not so familiar with.

Bun Mang Vit is really two dishes in one:

Firstly thin rice noodles in soup…

Secondly, cooked duck on chinese cabbage salad garnished with crushed peanut, fried onion and my favourite, rau ram (Vietnamese Coriander).  You eat them together, a dry dish washed down with the soup.

The duck should be dipped in a lemongrass, garlic, chilli sauce.

Tried it at a new restaurant in Cabramatta, Tan Ky.  It’s not an easy dish to make because there are so many components and the sauce is so crucial, I was sceptical, but felt like a change.

I was very pleasantly surprised, it was delicious and ridiculously cheap – less than $10.