Stylish new Korean in Sydney town

Danjee seems to have slid into the laneway between George and Kent streets near the cinema complex. Noodlies, Sydney food blog meanders down for a taste.

Good bye Angry Chicken Korean, welcome Danjee Korean Restaurant. There are plenty of Korean cheap-and-cheerfuls nearby catering for the student populous. Around three months old, Danjee boldly begs to differ.

danjee korean sydney

This is understated. uber-confident class, a Korean hallmark; clean, sharp lines, slick and efficient. Despite all the hard surfaces, Danjee exudes warmth and welcome, thanks to subdued lighting, glowing wooden floor boards and exposed brick walls.

danjee korean sydney

Even the kim chi look elegant; cabbage elegantly stacked, delicate pink glow radish, even the brown boiled egg is artfully sliced.

haemul jeon

The mixed haemul jeon is a twist on the usual seafood pancakes. Here they come in individual pieces with different fillings including seafood and distinctive prawns. Being bite-sized gives it a concentrated, fuller taste that’s utterly mouthwatering.

danjee sydney soon du bu

My soon du bu looked stunning, lit up with differently spaced and directed lights. The soup isn’t as fiery as it looks. The taste is an intrigue; subtle yet rich. The generous delicate mouthfuls of silky white tofu is mesmerisingly moreish, yielding and filling – cooked egg is camouflaged deep within adding more flavour at each encounter –  it’s all a very, very winning combination. Steamed red rice comes with the dish for extra texture and adds a salivating purple shadow to this dish.

This is classy Korean fare.

Danjee Korean Restaurant
1-7 Albion Place, Sydney
(02) 8084 9041