Can one smartphone do it all?

Noodlies, Sydney food blog test drives the powerful Optimus G from LG

So what’s the best smartphone for foodies?

Smartphones have revolutionalised the foodie scene, together with instagram, twitter, facebook and vine, anyone can post their #foodporn to the world. Many serious bloggers still wield their brick-like DSLR or at least a high range digital compact, but more and more are discovering the one-stop-shop benefits of using a smartphone.


I use my smartphone to take pictures for noodlies food blog 80% of the time and 100% of the time for videos. Sure the quality on the smartphone can’t compare with a good DSLR especially when there’s no sunlight, but for noodlies, it’s the convenience of having one portable device.

Currently the smartphone world is dominated by iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S4, but as Android starts to dominate, other names are being touted: HTC One is getting rave reviews for stunning looks and sheer power, Sony Xperia Z and LG Optimus G.  Thanks to LG, noodlies has a chance to test drive the LG contender… from a foodie’s perspective.


At 145g, this phone is light, the first time I picked it up, I thought it was a display model that didn’t have a battery inside. The 4.7″ screen is not huge in this class, though the small form factor, thinness and angular predictable shape make this phone easy to hold.

The screen is bright and custom wallpapers, especially the nature theme, are simply stunning. The weather widget, complete with a dripping wet umbrella, is a joy to behold. LG claims the screen’s technology reduces reflection for sharper visibility, especially in sunlight.


Food bloggers have a reputation too, you know. The Optimus G wrapped in glass front and back, is elegant, simple, quietly confident. Though square and black with a silver LG logo might be just too understated for some.


With a fast processor and 4G, apps and widgets load quickly for that quick instagram snap or vine video. Uploading is super-fast. Coming from a Samsung Note II, where the back key is on the right, it takes a little getting to as it’s on the left for the Optimus G. LG claims their touchscreens are super sensitive, though, noodlies found it hard to register a quick double tap to like a photo on instagram.

The Optimus G records HD quality video. The vine video below is sharp, clear, however, under some lights images can appear cold.

Photos are sharp and again, a little blue – though nothing that an instagram filter can’t fix.

Before instagram (below)

After instagram (below).

QuickMemo is an Optimus G function which allows users to write notes on pictures using their fingers, then share it online. Might come in handy for foodies to highlight ingredients in a food photo or indicate restaurant locations on a map.


So, what’s the best smartphone for food bloggers and foodies?

Noodlies is biased but I think a powerful smartphone may be all a foodie needs for phone, social media, photos and videos.

And how does the Optimus G compare? Well, if you like an iPhone then nothing will change your mind. For Android users, it’s a remarkably tight race – you can’t go wrong with any of these phones: Samsung Galaxy S4: feature packed and backed with a fist full of marketing bucks, HTC One: stand-out, sexy looks and fast to boot, Sony Xperia Z: backed by a Japanese giant and LG Optimus G: understated brawn with a screen that’s very easy on the eye.

Feature-for-feature the LG is a contender, the challenge is to get it on the consideration set when it’s Apple and Samsung that seem to be on the tip of everybody’s tongue.

Noodlies, Sydney food blog thanks LG for the test phone.