Sydney’s best ramen?

Noodlies, Sydney food blog samples a ramen that makes you beautiful

A tantalising promise, good food that’s good for your looks too. Gumshara ramen is cooked in the tonkotsu method, involving cooking of bones for hours, some claim over 12 hours, much of it on high heat. Gumshara says they only use pork bone and water – emphatically “NO MSG”. They say the richness of their thick stock comes purely from the marrow from the bone and hours, hours of cooking, extracting a large amount of collagen which is essential for smooth, healthy skin.

Noodlies can’t verify the beauty claim, but can attest to the rich, deep goodness of that thick, brown gooey stock. There’s a bewildering range of ramen to choose from, lighter Hakata, miso, fragrant garlic tonkotsu, even fish flavoured tonkotsu. In addition, you can add sides like soft yolk egg, chilli bomb for extra spice or curry for extra kick. The busy, in-your-face signage, long queues and general frenetic pace of a food court don’t make things any less confusing.

gumshara ramen menu

Noodlies has always liked Gumshara but some critics and bloggers evangelise about it, Ramen Raff in particular is a devoted fan. I’ve always been an udon fan – Menya Mappen is still a favourite. But in the past couple of years, noodlies has developed a minor addiction to Gumshara’s ramen.

gumshara ramen

Today, it’s miso ramen with extra egg and chilli bomb. The chilli looks fierce but won’t burn your throat, the shallots will give everything a nice mustard lift though, nice little sweet surprises pops up now and again when you pop a bit of corn. Like the busy decor, there’s lots happening, but unlike the decor, everything works so well together.

Some say Gumshara is the best ramen in town. Noodlies isn’t arguing.

gumshara curtain


Shop 211, Habour Plaza
25-29 Dixon St, Haymarket, Sydney
0410 253 180

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