What makes Vietnamese food taste so good?

Noodlies, Sydney food blog discovers three reasons.

Asian food and how it’s eaten reflects their communal culture. Vietnamese food ramps it up a notch with more interactivity, individuality and amazing freshness.  Take the humble bowl of bun bo xao (vermicelli beef): warm vermicelli rice noodles, marinated then fried strips of beef, crispy-fresh bean sprouts, sliced cucumber, pickled carrots and radish, and shredded mints: earthy purple perilla, sharp Vietnamese mint. A bowl of bun bo xao is a work of art, a rainbow of colour with contrasting flavours and textures. The genius of Vietnamese food is that you customise it to your taste, add a lot, some or no sliced chilli, pour lashings or be frugal with the side fish sauce.

And it’s the interactivity: being tactile with the food you’re about to savour.  Watch the noodlies video above as the bun bo hue is tossed, turned – the colour, different flavours and textures rolling over and across each other combined by a rich pungent amber sauce. Nothing is more magical, bouncy vermicelli, crispy-sour pickled radish, crunchy and crushed roasted peanuts with just the right amount of saltiness because you poured the fish sauce – you’ve had a hand in the magic of this dish.

diem hen bun bo xao

Diem Hen is one of the oldest restaurants in Canley Heights and, while it’s had a make-over, is still as authentic as you get.  It’s a perfect place to experience tasty, tactile, sticky, fragrant and smelly Viet food.

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Diem Hen
205 Canley Vale Road, Canley Heights
9724 9800