MasterChef: The Professionals – Marco Pierre White

World famous celebrity chefs have too eat sometimes, no?

The folks at Guylian at The Rocks were a tad excited this week when Marco Pierre White rocked up with a friend for breakfast.  What did they eat? The folks at Guylian detailed his order, mouthful by mouthful for noodlies, Sydney food blog below:

1 x Blueberry Muffin
2 x Croissant (Put his finger into the chocolate dip and said ‘that’s very good’)
1 x Current [sic] snail
3 x Iced caramel long blacks
Sparkling water

So many questions…

  • what brand was the sparkling?
  • did the snail get washed away in the current?
  • only 3 long blacks?!

marco pierre white chef

Here’s Marco Pierre White with Agnes Woznowska (Guylian Chef, The Rocks).

The folks at Guylian were thrilled to have MPW, noodlies could sense their throbbing excitement from the media release.  I had to reward them with some publicity… it’s nice to have positivity in this dark, dreary world!

Good on ya, Guylian!