Vietnamese bo ne is a street food which is often had for breakfast in Vietnam.   Noodlies, Sydney food blog loves bo ne at this tiny street food eatery, it’s at the front of the owner’s house.  There’s six small tables and plenty of red plastic chairs.  It’s a casual affair, arrive by motorbike, grab or share a table, the owner appears behind the metal fencing (that’s also the front of her house) to take your order.

Bo ne is all she serves, it arrives glistening on a sizzling plate with op la (fried egg), beef that has an extra dollop of pate, hot bread rolls and greens including cucumber and tomato.  If that combination isn’t rich enough for you,  optional extras include sieu mai (beef balls) or even tinned tuna.

Grease never tasted so good.

I’ve scoured the usual Vietnamese areas, Cabramatta, Bankstown and Marrickville but can’t find a restaurant that serves Vietnamese bo ne. Does anyone know if you can get bo ne in Sydney? I’d love to know.

Vietnamese bo ne
Vietnamese bo ne
vietnamese bo ne