Noodlies, Sydney food blog catches Cabramatta’s Michael Jackson doing Gangnam Style

Freedom plaza, Cabramatta, Sunday 28 October

Ok, ok noodlies, Sydney food blog readers know of my love for Cabramatta and culturally diverse food in Sydney’s west.  You may not know in my day job, I was responsible for coming up with the concept of SBS PopAsia TV, which brought k-pop to Australian TV for the the first time; the first show aired Sunday, 4 September last year – way before the current PSY Gangnam Style craze.

Well today food blogging, Cabramatta, Gangnam Style and k-pop collided in one fabulous moment in Freedom plaza.  I happened to catch notorious Cabramatta busker, Michael Jackson doing his interpretation of Gangnam Style.  He slips but makes and amazing recovery, Cabramatta’s Michael Jackson is a true trouper.  He’s stolen my heart with his sheer professionalism – after all, the show must go on!

See below. Go Michael Jackson, we love you…