Que Huong is as authentic as you’ll get.  It’s been around for over a decade in various locations in Cabramatta.  Their specialty is banh xeo, sometimes called Vietnamese pancake.  It’s a dish that is getting more known as Vietnamese food gain more traction. And it’s one of Noodlies, Sydney food blog’s fav Vietnamese dishes, especially at Que Huong.

Banh xeo is a relatively simple dish, light batter that encases bean sprouts, prawns and pork.  What really makes the dish hum is the generous amount and variety of salads and mint that goes with it – you roll bits of the pancake in them.  Finally, it’s the chilli fish sauce which gives the dish the flavour lift.

banh xeosalad

Check out the video to see how to eat Vietnamese banh xeo.

banh uot

Banh uot is another favourite of mine, that’s little known.  Large, flat rice noodles are covered with cha lua (pork devon), red nem (cured pork), prawn fried in batter, salad and mint and generously covered with Vietnamese chilli fish sauce.  See the video below for more.

Many know about goi cuon (fresh Vietnamese rolls).  Well, nem nuong cuon is another version which has the same fillings such as vermicelli, mints, but the meat is replaced by grilled cured pork.  Check out the video below to see how you can spot a good nen nuong cuon.

nem nuong cuon

Que Huong Vietnamese Restaurant
Shop 16, 70 John St (enter via the alley), Cabramatta
9723 9916