jewel tin dessert hong kong

There’s not that much ‘western’ about this dessert place which caters for the inexhaustible love of Hong Kong people for dessert, all sorts of dessert combinations to be had just about any time.  Here you can get the usual tofu, milk pudding, red bean dessert et al.  While I’m only guessing, noodlies, Sydney food blog thinks the ‘western dessert’ may refer to their mixing of western delights such as chocolate pudding with fruit salad; a winning combination for sure.  Check out Jewel Tin’s facebook page and I’m sure you’ll get the idea.

I decide to stick to a less radical fusion that is basically an east-west combo of fruit salad mixed with Asian grass jelly, coconut jelly, mango sauce and crunchy, clear mini balls that garnish the bowl.  This combo, at least seem to work; I don’t feel too guilty after all it’s mainly fruit, right?

Jewel Tin seats about 20 people tightly with its 8 or so tables.  They’re open pretty late, which is good for that late night snack.

Jewel Tin
45 Woosung St, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

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