mak's noodle hong kong

Anthony Bourdain discovered Mak’s Noodle a few years back and this little eatery has a pretty high profile since.  Bourdain loves the shrimp wonton, he says it works particularly well in the stock, giving the wontons a strong solid flavour.

And these wontons are different, they’re smaller than the usual type.  In fact the ‘bowl’ of noodles you see above is smaller than usual, it’s actually the size of a smallish rice bowl.

But there’s no denying the delicious taste of both the wonton – strong prawn taste and the equally tasty clear soup.  The egg noodles themselves deserve credit too, they are strong, firm and fresh.

The only thing that’s not small is the prices, the publicity has obviously done Mak’s noodles good, the rice bowl of noodles will set you back HK$29, on the upper end of the scale, especially for a small bowl.

Established since 1960s, but Mak’s Noodle has been in several different locations. I ate at their Parkes Street shop in Kowloon… twice.

Mak’s Noodle
57 Parkes Street, Jordan
Kowloon, Hong Kong