I’m currently packing for a 2 week trip to HK, a combination of work, writing for noodlies and holidays.  I’m determined to travel light but that’s easier said than done.  Both my suitcases are pretty full already even though I’ve packed hardly anything!  And I’ll be carrying multiple carry-on luggage too; a bag for my laptop & ipad, a bag for toiletries & other miscellaneous things and another bag for my camera.

Sony NEX-5 compact camera

This is where the Sony NEX-5N comes into its own.  That’s the little beauty on the right above in its case, which houses a charger, an extra macro lens and of course, the camera itself.  On the left is the DSLR bag and camera which I’m leaving behind, it might be nice around Sydney, but boy, it takes up room!

Sony NEX-5

Again on the right above is the little Sony beauty, still tiny even with a macro lens compared to my old DSLR.  For frequent travellers, this camera makes so much sense.

Sony NEX-5N

The Sony NEX-5N is part of the new wave of cameras; they’re not SLRs, but they offer the flexibility of interchangeable lenses, and have the same size sensor as most entry-level and prosumer digital SLRs (APS-C CMOS).  The main benefit is almost DSLR quality pictures in a very compact body.

Why did I chose the Sony NEX-5N?

  • Compact weight and size: this is indescribably convenient for a frequent traveller like me
  • Interchangeable lens: I’m carrying an extra macro lens to shoot food in the tiny bag above
  • Sexy: come on, admit it, that NEX-5N looks HAWT!!
  • 16.1 mega pixels: that’s more than my current DSLR
  • 25600 ISO: sooo useful for shooting in restaurants with low lighting, heaps more sensitive than my current DSLR
  • Video: full HD video quality
  • 3″ touch screen: so much easier to change settings, and the extra fine LCD display is clear even in bright daylight

I’ve only had the camera for just over a week and am so looking forward to putting it to good use during the Hong Kong trip.  Excited!

The Sony NEX-5N was provided to noodlies, Sydney food blog courtesy of Sony Australia.