SBS to dish up the past
Lauren McMah, Fairfield Advance
14 December 2011

thang ngo noodlies

CABRAMATTA food blogger Thang Ngo took visitors on a food tour of his hometown last week as a preface to the highly-anticipated SBS documentary.

Visiting journalists from across Sydney sampled Vietnamese fare at Bau Truong restaurant, tasted beef pho at the award-winning Pho Tau Bay and enjoyed Vietnamese coffee and dessert at Cafe Nho, located in a quaint alley off John St.

Once Upon a Time in Cabramatta Ep 3 - Thang Ngo

Along the tour, Mr Ngo, a former Fairfield councillor who features prominently in the documentary, pointed out Cabramatta’s landmarks, including the iconic Pai Lau gateway in Freedom Plaza.

“We can take this area for granted and I had forgotten the joy you can get from showing Cabramatta to people,” Mr Ngo said.

“For me, the tour seemed to create a contrast from how people reacted to Cabramatta then, to how people react to it now.

“The tour was a tangible example of the documentary and really brought it to life,” he said.

Mr Ngo said he started the tour at the railway station, where in the 1990s a thousand people a day would alight from the “Junkie Express’’ to buy drugs.