Noodlies Sydney food blog has been going to Que Huong for over a decade, when they were a successful Vietnamese dessert eatery in a small Cabramatta shopping arcade. Today, they’re a fully fledged Vietnamese restaurant offering uncompromising Vietnamese food.

They specialise in many home style Vietnamese dishes like banh xeo (pancake), banh hoi (vermicelli cakes) and a different type of Vietnamese fresh roll called nem cuon; instead of prawn and pork, the meat is nem, a cured pork mince that is bright red as you can see in the video above and the photos below.

Walter has the banh hoi with meat and spring rolls, below.  It’s a wonderfully ‘fresh’ dish because there’s lots of mint, pickled vegetables, lettuce etc to contrast with the fried meat and spring rolls.  The fish sauce at Que Huong is strong in fish flavours, which I like, but may be too strong for some.

You can eat it from the plate or roll it up as Walter demonstrates in the video below.

I have the bun rieu, a contrast to the vegetarian version from yesterday at Thien Truc.  As you can see below, bright red colour, from the predominant tomato base.  While, relatively mild, this dish is strong in seafood flavours, with generous use of minced crab meat.

Que Huong is a must if you want to taste some of the lesser known Vietnamese dishes, everything is authentic and uncompromising… oh, and I noticed today they’ve added an ‘Aussie’ menu including steak and fish and chips… something for everyone!

Que Huong Vietnamese Restaurant
Shop 16, 70 John St (enter via the alley), Cabramatta
9723 9916

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