Fairfield is topping my list for diverse and interesting food; Iraqi, Assyrian, Lebanese, Indian/Chinese, Thai/Lao and today, we’re back at one of our favourite eateries, La Paula Chilean.

La Paula is a bakery-cum-cafe that seem to excel in both savoury and sweets.  The video above gives you a pretty complete look at the sweets options, including brand new caramel churros, caramel sponge cake and many, many more mouth watering cakes.

We’re having savouries:  my favourite is the chacarrero, which is basically a burger with lashings of avocado, mayo and beef strips or the milanesa al pan, also a burger but with crumbed beef and mayo.

Today, I stick with the plain burger, so no mayo or avocado, but of course the meat filling is beef strips.  The shoe-string chips are particularly good.

Walter had the ‘complete’ hot dog, with sauerkraut and of course, mayo and avocado.

We shared an empanada, or as it’s called there, Chilean pastie, with pipping hot meat and egg filling.

La Paula Café
Shop 1, 9 Barbara St, Fairfield
(02) 9726 2379

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