I’ve talked about the entrepreneurial old ladies of Cabramatta before and the trials and tribulations they face at the hands of Fairfield Council inspectors.

Today, marks the 36th anniversary of the fall of Vietnam an event that has changed the lives of millions of Vietnamese.  I thought today would be an appropriate one to show my support for my lovely old ladies of Cabramatta.

Today, I stop by to get something for lunch and dinner.  Seems ridiculously cheap, each box is just $3 each.  And I’ve ‘unboxed’ one of them below, it’s in the same ‘family’ as banh beo, but this version uses glutinous rice.

There are about 10 delightful glutinous rice dumplings and the orange inside their opaque outer is a little prawn.  Pour a little fish sauce (provided) over them and it’s an instant lunch.  These gorgeous snacks are made fresh daily.

How could I resist the old ladies of Cabramatta?

The old ladies of Cabramatta
John St, Cabramatta
(watch them sprint when the council inspector is nearby)