I originally wanted to call my blog noodles, because I love noodles, all types of noodles, egg, rice, thick, thin, short, long…

But alas, noodles.com was already taken, that’s why this blog is called noodlies.com.

Tonight was one of those noodle craving moods, and it was fulfilled at a small Khmer noodle house called, Dong Vu.  It’s been around for decades, but because it’s not on the main street and in a shopping complex, Dong Vu isn’t always top of mind.

The owners are Cambodian-Chinese and they also speak Vietnamese.  The food is fast, fresh and extremely tasty.

Tonight, I ordered Hu Tieu Nam Vang (Phnom Penh rice noodles).  As you can see thin rice noodles with three or four different types of meat, prawns in an incredibly tasty clear soup.

And it does qualify as fast food, the dish came out less than two minutes.