There are so many Thai-Laos restaurants in the Cabramatta/Fairfield area that it’s hard to keep up.  Twelve Spices has been around for a long time, but under many different owners.  This latest incarnation is ultra hip, a-la Holy Basil, and it seems to be working.

On a Friday night, Twelve Spices was packed and it’s a pretty mixed crowd, young Viet lads in their trendy t-shirts, Asian families, local birthday party of twenty from a Caucasian background.

So, ok, the place looks good and the menu design is cute, but for me it’s the relaxed and very friendly service that attracts.  Young Asian and Caucasian waiters are unique enough.  But these lads and ladettes are friendly too – that’s unheard of!  As you can see in the video, our waiter even sat down at the table to take our order.

The Yum Nam Tok (beef salad) worked well, great flavour and very fresh side vegetables.  My only reservation was that the beef was a tad rare.

The duck salad was the clear highlight for me.  No compromises here, strong gamey duck mixed with strong spices.  An extremely more-ish dish.

Pad kha prow gai (basil chicken) had fresh ingredients, nice colour.

Twelve Spices has carved a clear niche for itself.  It’s hip and modern but very reasonably priced.  Service is the best in this area – it’s genuinely friendly and efficient.  Location is a little out of the way, but that doesn’t seem to deter the punters.

Twelve Spices
197 John St, Canley Heights
(02) 9609 6212

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