I get the feeling Milliore Restaurant was originally set up to serve the local student students because the prices are reasonable for a CBD location.  It’s authentic too, with an extensive menu, fair servings and fast service from young, friendly staff.

However, being the closest restaurant to the Capitol Theatre they’re attracting a different crowd, you often see the theatre crowd breeze in for a quick meal before the show.

Tonight I’m with a big group of friends and we’re seriously hungry.  The fried dumplings worked for me, crispy pastry covering pipping hot mince filling.  The fat and the meat instantly quelling my hunger.

The chicken was sizzling, dark red from Korean marinade and was tasty, the sweetness just within my level of tolerance.

We had a couple of different versions of Korean soup, served in the ubiquitous black bowl and plate.  This version is more pungent, with strong fermented bean paste base.

This picture doesn’t do the stir fried beef justice (taken on iphone).  It was thinly sliced, so thin they kinda roll up.  The marinade here a tad outside my range when it comes to sweetness, but Milliore is not alone in sweet beef.

The glass noodle dish was delicious, sticky, but hard glass noodles absorbing the sauce and providing great contrast to mushroom and vegetables.  This one, I like a lot.

This kim chi chi ke (kim chi soup) is probably what we usually order.  Kim chi used in the soup, it’s a strong beast of sourness and hotness, utterly more-ish and perfect poured on your rice.

Korean pancake was modest in size and a little thicker than usual and contains fried vegetables and seafood.  Nice when dipped with the accompanying sauce.

Basically a version of sweet and sour pork.  The sauce again on the sweet side, but this is sweet and sour after all!  Nice batter containing perfectly cooked pork, which works very well with the sauce.

Pork fried in kim chi served with cold bean curd.  My description makes it sound a tad appalling, but this is actually one of my favourite Korean dishes, although perhaps not here.  Grab a slab of starchy tofu, put some stir fried pork and kim chi on top… take a bite and it’s heavenly.

Capital Square
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