I had a dinner with family before my big Asia eating tour, I got to chose the venue and instantly selected Temasek, it’s been too long between drinks.

temasek larksa

And I got to chose the food as well… prawn laksa of course, creamy, the prawn works perfectly.


Probably my favourite dish when I travel anywhere, hai nam chicken… gosh surely it’s put hai nam province on the map by now!  The chicken was perfectly cooked through, but not tough and was incredibly white.  It came with hai nam rice… god, I love hai nam rice.


Hai nam rice is the rice cooked in chicken broth, basically absorbing the flavour into the rice.


The beef rendang was much better than I remembered it. Of course the curry flavour was dominant but at the same time smooth, it’s the melt in your mouth beef that did it for me.


The fried noodles was also a treat.  The whole dinner was just perfect, great company and delicious Temasek that I’ve been missing for so long.

71 George St, Parramatta
(02) 9633 9926

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