We ate lunch at a lovely indoor/outdoor restaurant/cafe called Le Malraux in on Boulevard Sivatha not far from Pub Street and across from the night market.

It’s obvious this place has French owners; Christophe Boussiron has put a lot of effort to make this place stand out from the other restaurants that line this street.  The front courtyard garden is full of plants, both on the ground and hanging.  Inside it’s comfy leather seats for formal dining or couches for coffee and cake.

I ordered the chicken soup, Khmer style, which was very similar to Vietnamese sour soup, I reckon there must be a lot of Cambodian influence on southern Vietnamese cooking.

Walter had the fried noodles which was wonderfully presented, crisp vegetables, lightly fried, nicely flavoured.

My dessert was profiteroles, in a role reversal, the ice cream is inside the profiteroles and cream is outside.  It’s a delicious idea, perfect for the hot weather.

Le Malraux Cafe Restaurant
155 Boulevard Sivath, Siem Reap, Cambodia
+853 063 966 041