Duy Linh is my favourite vegetarian restaurant in Sydney, but many don’t know you can order for parties and birthdays.  Walter’s 40th was a family only affair so we decided to get a few courses from Duy Linh; it’s easy, fast and healthy, what more could you ask for?

And our friends at Graysonline was kind enough to send some wine for us to sample; three types including Riesling, Shiraz and a dessert wine, just enough variety for us to match with our birthday food and cake.

Food: Goi – the Vietnamese ‘chicken’ salad was stunning, so much variety, bamboo, sprouts and mint, fresh, tart and more-ish. 

Wine: Clare Valley, Defender of the Faith Riesling 2009 – I was pleasantly surprised this Riesling wasn’t as sweet as I’d imagined, it’s a simple, no nonsense white that works well with Asian food.  You won’t be overwhelmed by it, but you won’t be disappointed either for this sub $10 wine.  On Graysonline, expect to pay $5-$7 per bottle sold by the dozen.

Food: Bo Bia – Vegetarian version of a special form of Vietnamese fresh rolls.  Again what stands out is the number of ingredients that make up the filling.  The rice paper was amazing, there’s something about its delicacy but toughness.  Dips very well in the vegetarian fish sauce provided.

Wine: Jorgensen Hill Shiraz 2008 – Nice plum nose but didn’t deliver on promise.  For me it was hollow, flat and finished too thin. But might be good value on price, on Graysonline, expect to pay $4-$6 per bottle sold by the dozen.

Food: Chantel’s home made chocolate 40th birthday cake was stunning and delicious (very top picture).

Wine: Pirramimma Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc 2010 was a pleasant surprise light, refreshing, although it can be a little flat.  Has a nice understated fruity aroma.  Works well with a very sweet desserts because it doesn’t overwhelm.  Sold in half dozen bottles (375ml) on Graysonline, expect to pay $4-$6 per bottle.

Duy Linh Vegetarian Restaurant
117 John St (enter via Hill St)
Cabramatta NSW 2166
(02) 9727 9800

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Wine was provided by Graysonline, who offer free delivery so there’s no nasty surprises of additional costs.  My wines were carefully packed and arrived promptly in a sturdy, distinctive red Graysonline box.