Holy Basil Canley Heights

This Thai-Laos restaurant oozes inner city sensibility in the heart of Sydney’s south west.  Stunning decor, attentive service, a Maître d’, unheard of luxuries in Canley Heights.  And the locals are lapping it up.

Our Tom Yum was typical of what’s in store – understated flavours.  Pay close attention and you can taste the lime, lightly cooked prawns.

Marinade on the lightly grilled chicken was restrained, the western-style vinaigrette drizzled over side salad delivered almost as much flavour.

Chicken larb too, was fresh, light and subtle.  Fresh bean sprouts, unusual in larb, accentuated the subtle flavours.

Holy Basil’s signature dish is their fried ice ream, cleverly deconstructed: vanilla ice cream in a triangle pastry pocket.  Unlike traditional fried ice cream, the coconut is on the side rather than being part of the shell.  It’s remarkably successful – a ying and yang effect with soft pockets and crunchy, rough coconut.

Holy Basil
233 Canley Vale Rd, Canley Vale
(02) 9725 7585

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