It’s too tempting isn’t it? When you’re a Thai eatery inside a shopping centre that is called No 1, of course, you’re going to call your shop the No 1 Thai Spicy eatery aren’t you?

And you wouldn’t be alone because you’re joined by the No 1 sweets stall and the No 1 grocery shop… you get the point.

I had planned to stroll over to Wat Dhamma Sameaky in Canley Vale for their new year celebration and to eat my mouth off with the gorgeous food that’s bound to be there.  When I drove by at 10am the place was packed.  Alas, when I turned up just abit before 2pm, it seemed the party was over, there was just the volunteers removing the stage and banners.

While I was a tad disappointed, I was determined to celebrate the culinary delights of the area anyway and stumbled into Cabramatta to a Thai eatery, the No 1 Thai Spicy eatery no less – why not Songkran and Khmer new year are the same anyway!

I ordered a pad thai because that was the only thing I was familiar with even with the photos.  Pad thai is fried sturdy noodles with chicken, sliced omellette, seafood together with shallots, bean sprouts, etc.  It would be really healthy and fresh if it wasn’t for the fried bits.

The four containers of condiments made me long for another Asian holiday.

And the verdict, I’m happy to say the No 1 Thai eatery comes close to that claim in Cabramatta!