Last night I dined with two authors, well actually they were friends and family so nothing itimindating, Geesche Jacobsen, author of Abandoned: The Diane Brimble Story out this month and Walter Mason, my partner, author of Destination Saigon.

It was our celebration of Geesche’s new status as a published author.

Given Walter’s book was about Vietnam and Geesche’s was about the justice system, Saigon Bay, a Vietnamese restaurant across the road from the courts in Tailor Square seemed perfect.  I think Geesche was expecting me to use my magic Sydney food blog wand and select Sydney’s best Vietnamese restaurant, instead I chose the most relevant one.

We had relatively standard Vietnamese fare: spring rolls for starters, canh chua, goi and Hanoi fish (which I failed to take a picture of because of the low lighting and my limited photography skills).

Canh Chua: Vietnamese sour soup

The goi was made with banana flower, although this version, it was just too soggy for my tastes.

Goi: salad with banana flower

I wouldn’t be rushing back, but it was fine for our celebration.

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