Taro spring rolls

We headed to Bau Truong for a quiet, private birthday dinner.  Bau Truong has been around for around 20 years but in a different location in Cabramatta.  Now it’s on both the main street, John Street as well as Canley Vale Road in Canley Heights.  Both are riotously popular.

These spring rolls might look like any other but they have the added ingredient of taro; the neutral starchy taste contrasts brilliantly with the spicy meat filling.

Lime leaf chicken salad

The chicken salad is the sort of dish mum always makes, and like Bau Truong, she makes it with heaps of onion, delicious – just make sure you’re not having a big night out with friends.  The thin green strips are lime leaf, tart and tangy, they lift the chicken perfectly.

Salted squid

Usually I’m not a fan of salted squid, but these were light and extremely tasty when dipped in the clean, lemon salt and pepper sauce.

fish in fish sauce

Another home style favourite is canh chua or sour soup. Today we ordered the fish version.  I did what we would do at home, take the cooked fish out and soak it in undiluted fish sauce.

Excellent food!

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