I never thought it would happen or that it would work, but there is now a popular Korean restaurant in Cabramatta town, the heartland of Vietnamese and Chinese food.

And yes, it is authentically Korean, not a Vietnamese imitation.  In fact, the kim chi chi ke is my favourite in Sydney, the soup is thick and not too sour and has a wonderful red colour, which the picture here probably doesn’t do it justice.

The pancake today was over-cooked, too thin and dry, but the marinated pork was fried perfectly – although some may find it too fatty.

Glad to report the restaurant, which is next door to the always popular Tan Viet is doing very well, full house when we ate around noon on Anzac Day.

Check out Walter’s video review below:

I’m not 100% sure of the name of the restaurant, the signage says simply ‘korean restaurant’, you can’t miss it, the place does look like a korean restaurant and stands out from the other eateries in Cabramatta, here’s what it looks like from the outside, although the buffet special in this pic is long gone.