Picked up some che xoi nuoc for dessert tonight at the local supermarket in Cabramatta.  It’s so hard to describe it, so I’ll just quote ravenous couple blog:

Che xoi nuoc (also called che troi nuoc and banh troi tau) doesn’t translate well–literally sticky rice water dessert. But what it lacks in translation, it makes up in flavor so uniquely sweet and savory. Basically, it’s a sticky rice mochi filled with savory mung bean filling bathed in a sweet ginger sauce, served warm and topped with rich coconut milk reduction and toasted sesame. Now that sounds a lot better than sticky rice water right?

Other Vietnamese desserts:

Xoi Mau

Che Dau: Vietnamese Glutinous Rice Dessert

Bánh Tét Chuối: Vietnamese Banana Sticky Rice Cake:

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Banh Chuoi – banana cake

Coloured rice cakes

Xoi – sticky rice dessert