Christmas, Aussie style.

Christmas in Sydney is kinda unique. It’s not the snow-and-sleigh experience. True to the irreverent Aussie style, our Chrisse is more likely to be frolicking by the beach.

Less overcoats, more boardies.

We’re multicultural too, something like one in four Sydneysiders speak a language other than English at home.

So with the help of Michael at Great Aunty Three and Jay Liu, noodlies video producer, here’s a greeting message from all of us, to all of you, the wonderful, inspirational, adventurous, noodlies, Sydney food blog readers.

It’s a summery, culturally diverse take, that is just so, well, it’s just so Sydney.

To all you lovely readers, have a very merry, noodlies Christmas.

Now watch the video – it’s dedicated to you!

Much love,

Thang Ngo

PS. Oh, and hats off to noodlies’ brilliant contributors, Evie Chataway, Keren Lavelle and Walter Mason.