Eat, pray, blog: fanatical foodies taste success

by: Kylie Fleming
Herald Sun, 1 November 2014

Australia’s obsession with food blogs just about matches our appetite for food.

Our voracious hunger for foodie news is reflected in Newspoll research showing that 79 per cent of people source their recipe inspiration from food websites, such as blogs, while 76 per cent find their inspiration from cookbooks.

According to blogger Thang Ngo there are 1035 food blogs in Australia.

Mr Ngo’s blog, Noodlies, has gone from being a hobby to a lucrative full-time job.

“The internet has completely revolutionalised food criticism, anyone and everyone can have a say about food, and not just the revered food critics,” he said.

Mr Ngo’s pork roll post on his Facebook page was seen by more than 130,000 people, shared 119 times and liked by 735 people.

Sneh Roy writes Cook Republic, which has won a number of awards including Best Australian Blog in 2013. The computer engineer by trade has published a cook book as a spin-off to her blog.

“Some bloggers assume expert status but I am not an expert on anything, I just like to share what I have learnt over the years,” Ms Roy said.

“That expression – with greater power comes greater responsibility – is true so I research, research, research, check everything multiple times and make sure I’m putting out the best information possible.”

Fellow blogger Chantelle Ellem is the creator of Fatmumslim, which started as a hobby “without any intentions of it ever becoming anything other than that”.

“I loved playing around, and sharing my words online, and it grew to the point it could become my own full-time job,” she said.

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Acknowledgement: Thanks to Darren Rowse, from Problogger whot took time out from his hectic schedule to let me know about the story and for sending me a pic of the article.