Noodlies a “Week of Eats”

by Thang Ngo

Where to go and what to eat in Sydney? Noodlies, Sydney food blog is hoping to make your life a little easier for the coming week; each day for the next week, I’ll be posting practical and delicious eating tips.

First up: a cure for Mondayitis. There’s nothing better for your spirits than a hot, nourishing  bowl of pho. And noodlies has a list of Sydney’s best pho by different regions for you to try.

Come back each day for a new noodlies’ daily Week of Eats food tip.

Click on the images to reveal the noodlies tips.

Mondayitis - noodlies, sydney food blog

TUESDAY is when pay day can’t come soon enough. Never fear, a cheap and satisfying pork roll (banh mi) is here. Click on the image to reveal the best pork roll eateries in Sydney.

week of eats tuesday, noodlies sydney food blog

WEDNESDAY: Hump day calls for burgers. Click on the image to reveal one of Sydney’s favs.

noodlies week of eats burger wednesday

THURSDAY: well that’d be, hallelujah, pay day. Time for good food and chillaxing drinks. Click on the image below to reveal where.

week of eats thursday, noodlies sydney food blog

FRIDAY: Go on, enjoy a wind-down cocktail at your favourite bar or make one at home. Click on the image below for a delicious recipe.

week of eats friday cocktail, noodlies sydney food blog

Saturday: What about feasting on street food overseas? Time to plan your next holiday. Click on the image below to reveal a hot, emerging destination.

week of eats saturday, noodlies sydney food blog