New, modern moon cakes

Noodlies, Sydney food blog tastes an attractive modern twist

Moon Festival also known as Mid-Autumn Festival or Lantern Festival is one of the most important occasions in the Asian calendar. It’s the end of the harvest season – a time of celebration. Each year it falls on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar when the moon is full and bright. In 2013, Moon Festival falls on the 19th of September.

moon cakes

During this time it’s traditional to give moon cakes in colourful square tins, usually containing four moon cakes (above). These cakes are round for Chinese and square for Vietnamese. The outside is cakey, especially ornate and woody brown in colour, the inside is made up of lotus paste with egg yolks, fancier versions contain mixed nuts or even abalone.

Moon cakes are dense and sugary-rich, enjoyed in moderation with hot tea. Over the years, there’s been a move to modernise them, in taste and look. The Casahana moon cake range is one stunning example.

casahana green tea mooncake

The Casahana green tea and apricot moon cake above retains the traditional intricate and ornate look but departs from the traditional colour and flavours. While retaining egg yolk inside, green tea and apricot is different, more fruity and considerably less sweet.

For a closer look, watch the featured Casahana moon cake unboxing video above.

casahana autumn elegance moon cakes

The packaging departs from traditional tin or paper containers too. Above is the Autumn Elegance packaging in vivid pink and green. Below is the Enchanting Blooms, elegant powder pink bento boxes in delicate porcelain.

cashana enchanting bloom mooncakes

For gifts and or to enjoy the Casahana moon cake range is fresh, exciting and for the novice, more accessible. They’re available at all good Asian grocery stores or you can order them online.

There’s an amazing range of modern flavours and packaging: Oriental Pearl, Oriental Passion, Glutinous Rice Yam Omochi, Green Tea Apricot, Espresso Chestnut, Chrysanthemum Pu’Er, Azuki Milk.

Oh, and don’t forget Cabramatta Moon Festival is on tomorrow, Sunday 15th September 2013, come and share the colourful celebration – you’ll be able to pick up Casahana moon cakes from local grocery shops for sure.

Cashana moon cakes were kindly provided to noodlies, Sydney food blog by long time friends at Amyson.