Quick Bytes, Issue 6

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Inside this issue of Quick Bytes:

  • Another food mag closes
  • David Thompson (Nahm Bangkok) cooking class in Sydney
  • Restaurant tricks to make you order more
  • A new way to book cooking and other courses, thanks to Skillflip

Express News you can chew

  • Lord of the [Sydney] Fries: the Melbourne fast food sensation announced on twitter that a Sydney outlet. According to Concrete Playground, little else is known apart from a George street location and September timing.
  • Caffeine chewing gum taken off US shelves: Wrigley has taken its new caffeine-added chewing gum, launched in the US in April 2013, off the market after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began an investigation into the safety of caffeine-added foods, according to AFN.
  • Live Well. Go Orange: Citrus Australia will be challenging Australians to eat “one whole orange every day for ten days”. Apparently they’re packed with not just vitamin C, but are also a source of super nutrients that ‘keep the ageing process in check” and “promote a happy heart”. Live Well. Go Orange. Campaign kicks off in June.
  • The Australian Coffee Guide 2013: claims to be a comprehensive handbook with reviews and ratings on a selection of Australia’s best coffee venues from grand coffee houses to artisanal espresso bars, cutting-edge newcomers to enduring favourites and hidden gems. The guide is available at selected coffee shops.
  • Australian Good Taste: is to close ahead of News Limited’s launch of taste.com.au magazine reports Mumbrella.
  • Leading Chefs at Sydney Seafood School: Alessandro Pavoni (Ormeggio) and David Thompson (Nahm, BKK) are back in action this coming weekend, book now.

Jaw dropping

How to properly seduce a man with bacon…


Buzzfeed’s hilarious take on the many, many creative ways to to captivate your man with bacon (warning sexual themes).

Canberra’s worse food poisoning incident affects 140 diners


Completely unrelated to the previous bacon story, Channel 7 reports the number of people affected by Canberra’s worst food poisoning outbreak has reached 140 people. The people became ill with salmonella poisoning after eating at The Copa Brazilian Churrasco restaurant in Dickson last weekend (image from Canberra Times).

Restaurant menu psychology: tricks to make us order more


Restaurant science: Slow music, and the scent of lavender, makes people spend longer in restaurants and pop music at 70-90dB will up the consumption of soft drinks and menu design can influence you to spend more, reports the Guardian. Image courtesy of the Guardian.

Couch Potato

Skillflip cooking school teams up with noodlies to show you how to make mouth-watering apple tarte tatin. Noodlies TV.


  • WordStorm PR is now representing 50 Shades of Chocolate, a book illustrating that sensuality and chocolate are a marraige made in heaven. The book is written by Claire Preen who is the founder of The Blue Mountains Chocolate Company located in The Blue Mountains and the Hunter Barn, in the Hunter Valley, according to The PR Report.
  • The Remarkables celebrates it’s first anniversay this month and adds three more bloggers to its agency register, bringing it’s stable of “blogger talent” to 15 blogs reports The PR Report. The new bloggers are: Carly Jacobs, Matthew Ross and Laura McWhinnie.

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