Quick Bytes, Issue 4

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Inside this issue of Quick Bytes:

  • The World’s Best 50 Restaurants prices compared
  • Restaurant fined $85,000 for failing health regulations
  • Instagram your food for the recipe
  • A great new way to book a venue

Express News you can chew

  • The World’s Best 50 Restaurants: result reverberating in Australia. Melbourne’s Attica leap-frogging of Sydney’s Quay restaurant has tongues wagging, compelling Sydney Morning Herald’s Chief restaurant critic, Terry Durack to observe “There is precious little difference between a best restaurant list and a political poll – you can spin them any way you want, depending on your agenda”.
  • K-food: Understand Korean ingredients, learn traditional and modern recipes and find out more about regional and seasonal Korean food. Heather Jeong’s Korean cooking classes starts at the Korean Cultural Office this month.
  • Bundu Khan fined $85,000: “a Crows Nest restaurant serving Indian and Pakistani cuisine has been fined $85,000 – one of the biggest penalties against food outlets in recent years – after being found guilty of 15 food safety breaches by a local court” reports goodfood.com.au.
  • The Critic’s Choice – Australia’s Best Beers: is out 3rd May. The guide, in it’s third year, contains a comprehensive list of the freshest, most interesting and praise-worthy beers from across the nation. Out today, RRP $14.95.
  • New Sydney Japanese: The latest addition to the revitalised Bayswater Road precinct, Crane Bar Restaurant offers Japanese fusion cuisine served by the talented Executive Chef Taichi Ito, formerly of Brisbane’s Sake Bar & Restaurant.

Jaw dropping

World’s Best 50 Restaurants price comparison, where ‘best’ isn’t the most expensive.

worlds best 50 restaurants prices

Reuters compared the tasting menu of restaurants on this year’s The World’s Best 50 Restaurants list. It makes for interesting reading. David Thompson’s Nahm in Bangkok is the cheapest and Heston’s Fat Duck, the priciest. Of the two Aussie restaurants on the list, Attica looks a bargain, Quay, at 48th, less so. Source and image from Reuters.

Instagram a dish at the restaurant to get the recipe, it’s as easy as @askctfood

At an Asian restaurant and you love a dish? If you’re in Sweden simply instagram a photo of it and include @askctfood in the post to get the recipe and a list of ingredients, it’s that simple, reports First We Feast.

A butcher in your pocket and your kitchen

ask the butcher appask the butcher 2

Ask the Butcher App: promises it will take you from the butcher’s cabinet to the kitchen: it will help you select a cut, know what to look for when shopping, how to prepare your meat and cook it perfectly all with the reassurance of having an experienced butcher by your side. Available from the iTunes store.

Couch Potato

Eater launches its own YouTube channel, Eater TV.

El Jannah, Sydney’s best chook? Noodlies TV.


  • Acclaimed Japanese knifemaker Takeshi Saji is coming to Australia to launch a new collection of hammer forged steak knives at Chef’s Armoury – Sydney store on Saturday May 25th and Porteno on Sunday May 26th 2013. Tickets for Saji’s Feast can be booked online www.chefsarmoury.com or by phone on (02) 9699 2353 from 10:30am to 4:30pm.
  • The Malborough Hotel relaunch party in the new Garden Bar last Wednesday was hosted by a stellar line up including the man of the moment, John Singleton, Riversdale Group founders and Marlborough Hotel co-owners Paddy Coughlan (CEO) and Ned Kelly (COO), ex Qantas Chief Geoff Dixon and investment banker Mark Carnegie (both also co-owners in the Marlborough Hotel).
  • Restaurateur George Michael’s Janus Kings Cross, a third branch of his Janus food venture will be launched on 15 May on the former Concrete Blonde site.
  • Last week, noodlies met David from Venuemob, a start up launched June last year and backed by Optus. It’s a service that helps you find the perfect venue for your next function whether it’s a corporate do or private birthday party. He’s a nice guy and noodlies reckons you should keep them in mind.

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