Quick Bytes, Issue 1

Snippets of foodies news this week that’s intriguing noodlies, Sydney food blog.

Welcome to the first Quick Bytes, a (generally) weekly brief of fun and fabulous food news (mostly).  Despite the intro it’s more than just ‘fast food’.  Be the first to be notified about the next issue of Quick Bytes by following me on twitter @thangngo or facebook.

Inside this first edition of Quick Bytes:

  • ever tried camel meat?
  • My Kitchen Rules final week
  • World’s 50 Best Restaurants announced shortly
  • Camp TV

Express news you can chew

  • 23m mouths to feed: the Australian Bureau of Statistics is predicting our population will top 23 million people some time tonight.
  • My Kitchen Rules (MKR): and then there were four. Jake & Elle (QLD), Dan & Steph (QLD), Luke & Scott (NSW) and father-son team Mick & Matt (TAS) after they sent cousins Sam & Chris (VIC) home tonight.
  • World’s 50 Best Restaurants: will René Redzepi and his team from Noma in Denmark retain the coveted top spot for the fourth year in a row? Winners will be announced Monday, 29th April, London time.
  • Limited edition Nespresso: My boring Monday morning was brilliantly salvaged upon receiving a package from the lovely folks at Nespresso with two new, limited flavours: Napoli – strong personality and slightly bitter and Trieste – subtle, more fruity Colombian beans.
  • Ocean Room: $10 a course for fine dining with Habour views, yup, it’s Ocean Room’s Autumn 12 course tasting menu.

Jaw dropping


McDonald’s in Japan have produced a handy fries holder that can be attached to your car, that looks, um, like a chips container, reports eater (image courtesy of eater).  From 24 April, for a limited time, they’re giving these holders away when Japanese customers orders a value meal. Good idea? What do you think?


Boris Johnson, the Lord Mayor of London tried it recently, so what does Camel meat taste like? The Guardian reports it tastes as a “cross between beef and lamb”, apparently the “hump is the most prized part of the animal as it is tender and fattier than the rest of the beast (camel humps are essentially mounds of fat, and not full of water as many people believe)”. (Image courtesy of The Guardian).

Couch Potato

The Great Australian Bake Off (NINE)

If the promos are anything to go by this will be high camp TV, pink and pastel all round sistas! Originally slated to start early April, Channel NINE has delayed it to spare it from Seven’s ratings juggernaut, My Kitchen Rules reports the Daily Telegraph. It’s the final week for My Kitchen Rules so I reckon the eight-part series will be on air soon.

MasterChef 2013 (TEN)

Seriously? TEN is trying every trick in the book to resurrect its once flag ship property. The Professionals didn’t work, now it’s Boys vs Girls in the ultimate battle of the sexes. Is it me, or does this MasterChef look high camp as well. Coming soon.

Shane Delia’s Spice Journey (SBS)

Meanwhile in SBS land, they’re milking the successful ethnic-chef-going-back-home formula, heck it worked for Luke Nguyen and Peter Kuruvita didn’t it?  Shane Delia from Melbourne’s Maha Bar & Grill is the multicultural broadcaster’s latest hot ethnic. In the first episode of Shane Delia’s Spice Journey, Shane journeys back to his homeland of Malta, where he follows ancient Phoenician trade routes across the sea to the original Land of Milk and Honey, Lebanon. Premieres 2 May, 7.30pm.


Food people and food brands.  According to The PR  Report (April 2013):

  • Miele has appointed AC Agency to handle a project for the launch of its new S8 vacuum cleaner. To support this launch AC Agency has developed a consumer/lifestyle media and blogger outreach campaign as well as directing creative strategy for the launch into retailers.
  • Zing PR has also been appointed to lead the Nestle NESCAFÉ account to deliver a consumer‐driven campaign to support its global 75th anniversary. Zing won the business by creating an integrated program that will incorporate a mix of media relations, experiential and social.

Your say

Well that’s the end of noodlies, Sydney food blog’s first Quick Bytes. Did you find it interesting? Would you eat camel meat? Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section.

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